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My Testimony

“Life is a product of decisions and decisions beyond events”.

It was the year 1999 when I was on a mission just outside of Athens, Greece when a close friend played me a videocassette showing miraculous miracles that were taking place at a church in Lagos, Nigeria.  The video showed men and women who had bodies that were badly eaten up by cancer and other sicknesses.  They looked like hopeless cases, but a simple prayer in the name of Jesus Christ healed them.  Having been ministering all around the world I had witness many signs and wonders, but nothing like this.  I looked at the information on the cassette box and the name of the church was the “Synagogue, Church of All Nations” which was overseen by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

After returning to my home in New York USA I couldn’t stop thinking about the miracles I had seen in the video.  I had a strong desire to go to Nigeria and visit the SCOAN and see these miracles for myself, so I asked my Lord Jesus Christ for a supporting sign to confirm if it would be His will for me to go.  Soon after I had a dream of a plane flying from America to Nigeria and back.  I immediately decided to connect with this great ministry and they sent me an invitation.  Although I was very excited about the invitation my family and church were not so supportive.  They felt as if I was abandoning them for something that wasn’t of importance.  I explained to them that the dream I had was from the Lord and that it was His divine purpose that I go.

I soon made the trip to Nigeria and arrived at the SCOAN.  When I was there I experienced a phenomena I will never forget.  I saw the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua touch the pipes of a water fountain outside of the church.  After he touched the pipes and prayed, the water in the fountain became anointed. When people began to drink the water from this fountain those who had demon spirits inside them started screaming and were delivered and those with sickness and diseases were instantly healed!  The people were happily shouting, “I’m healed!  I’m delivered!  In the Name of Jesus!”  Now, at this time I myself was suffering from severe back pain from my travels around the world.  The problem was so severe that it was hindering my ability to walk normally.  So, as I saw these miraculous things taking place I thought to myself “Why am I just standing here and watching?”  I knew that if Jesus was able to use the garments of the Apostle Paul to heal people He could surely use this water.  So I took off my shoes and decided to go in and take a drink.

After I drank the water, wow!  I received my first divine healing, because As children of God, our heavenly Father is concerned about us. He wants us to be physically healed and spiritually saved. I was amazed to see that just after ten minutes I felt warmth in my back and could feel the Spirit of healing working inside me.  I went to sleep that night and when I woke in the morning I was surprise to feel my back was strong and beautifully restored!  It has been over eleven years since that day and I haven’t had any back pain since!

During all the days of my visit at the SCOAN I could see that the ministry truly and not conventional ministry but a ministry from above. I didn’t desire to be a part of it, but during my stay I could see that there were things that I needed to learn.  So I asked the Lord to give me more instruction in righteousness.  That night I had an open vision in my bedroom.  I saw a vision of a big tongue and the Lord told me that this was the area of my life that He was going to restore.  After this incredible revelation from the living God I later learned from Prophet T.B. Joshua that some of our biggest problems are tongue problems.  I came to the pulpit and prayed in the knees to the Lord about it and the next day when I woke my tongue felt soft.  It was if a new layer of skin had been revealed.  Remarkably, as I went throughout my day I found that my behavior had changed.  My conduct had changed.  I spoke differently to people.  It was if I had a new, gentler spirit inside me.

When I returned to New York I gave my testimony about the wonderful things I had experienced at the SCOAN.  Everyone was happy to hear the wonderful news, but the Lord had revealed to me that my visit to the SCOAN was more then just a one-time visit.  He said that I had to connect with the ministry because there was a higher purpose for Him bringing me there.  Of course satan was not too happy about this, once you coming to meet a genuine prophet, expect trials, because you’re alerting the kingdom of darkness.  It had seemed like ever since I had started a relationship with the SCOAN that he was bringing me a spirit of doubt and a lot of obstacles in an attempt to try and disconnect me from this wonderful ministry, but the Lord was determined to show me that a future with SCOAN was the only direction He wanted me to go.

Many years passed and I never forgot the SCOAN.  I always had great things to say about them, but I never made the right decision to get involved with the ministry.  Then during a mission I made in the year 2008 to Colombia my health seemed to make a change.  I felt sick with arthritis and pain in my chest.  I couldn’t sleep.  It seemed as if my body was wearing down.  I became frustrated and I asked the Lord if He wanted me to continue to serve His name and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I felt in my heart that I had to go back to my native country Greece.  I had a friend there who was a doctor.  He gave me a check up and informed me that I was in bad health.  He told me that I had high cholesterol and was just one step away from a heart attack.  Not only that, but I had severe arthritis and a bad prostrate gland that was keeping me from urinating properly.  He said I must take action immediately and gave me a bunch of prescriptions for many medications.  Some of which I said I would need to take for life.

As a leader of God I knew that the Holy Bible says “our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and not the temple of sickness, so I was wondering why these things had come upon me.  I knew that I had to run to God for the answer.  I remembered that the SCOAN had a branch in Athens.  I decided to go and meet with the leader to talk to him about my problems. And he told me “Don’t worry John.  God cares for you.  There is no problem that Jesus can not solve, no sickness He can not heal, and no burden He can not bare.”  He showed me a bottle of Anointing Water, which Prophet T.B. Joshua had given him.  He told me to pray and spray myself and that I would see the difference.

After receiving the bottle of Anointing Water I decided to go a few miles outside of Athens to a nearby beach.  It was early morning and I was feeling a heavenly influence upon me.  I lifted my eyes and I said “Lord I come to you, please touch my life and heal me.”  So I took the Anointing Water and I sprayed it around the area of my prostrate, chest and legs and then drank some.  It felt as if heaven was watching me.  After ten minutes of worship and prayer I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and for the first time in five years I urinated freely.  I praised the Lord saying “Thank you Jesus!  Thank you for my divine healing!”  The man of God prophet T.B. Joshua says, “there is breakthrough in hardship, if Jesus is involved in your situation”.

When I came back to New York my wife immediately noticed the difference in my behavior.  I explained to her that I reconnected with the SCOAN and told her about the Anointing Water and my divine healing.  I decided that I had to go back to the SCOAN in Nigeria.  Then the Lord soon gave me another dream to encourage me about this decision.  In the dream I was traveling down a river in a small boat without paddles.  The river was surrounded by two large mountains and the waters were very wild and rapid.  It was taking me from the United States to Nigeria and I had no control.

After receiving this vision I quickly wrote an email to the man of God Prophet TB Joshua.  I told him that I wanted to go back and be under his mentorship and become one of his disciples.  I had been ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over thirty years, but I was ready to humble myself and become a student again.  I took down all my degrees and certificates from ministry school and I went back to the SCOAN in Nigeria.  Now, after the divine instruction in righteousness I received at the SCOAN.  My life changed.  My family changed, my ministry changed, and my preaching changed.  I continued to serve the Lord but at a new level.  The man of God had taught us that it doesn’t matter in what level you find yourself in, there is always  another level to reach for.

“There are unchangeable events in the course of our destiny. When God unravels His plans in our lives, He designs events that cannot be changed”.

Remain Blessed

 John Zavlaris

During a Sunday Service the Lord spoke to Pastor John and told him he made the wisest choice through the message of Wise man Christopher

John 3:34 “For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God does not give the Spirit by measure.”